Where did fall go? Transitioning back into blogging


I thought about making some clever Backstreet Boys reference in the title header about returning from maternity leave but decided against it for the sake of at least trying to keep up a semi-respectable appearance 🙂 But about the title, I am so bummed to be returning as we head into winter, especially as fall is my favorite season- I love the changing of the leaves, the cooler weather, pumpkin-flavored everything, and of course, the really cute fall clothes! I’m sure I’ll try to get in a few fall-fashion related posts before we see the first snowfall!

In all seriousness, thank you for your graciousness while I was on maternity leave, and returning to read this post! I’m going to have to ask for your continued grace as I ease back into blogging with a full-time job and an infant. Right now, that means I won’t be posting as often (I’m aiming for one day a week, but I might miss a week here and there). I’m also trying to figure out content-wise what the blog will look like. I had some plans for the fall (see here), but with very limited time resources and my poor food photography skills, I may try it out and decide it’s not going to work, so please bear with me!

Here’s what’s been going on the past two months:

Allie was born! I’m not going to spend an entire blog post on the birth story, but in general, pre-labor leading up to the hospital was really hard but the birth went really well. The first two to three weeks with Allie were incredibly difficult- she cried almost all night with gas pain and I was exhausted recovering from the birth (recovery is way more intense than I expected!) and Scott had to go away unexpectedly for a week, but my mom was such a huge help. Things have gotten better- she’s a good sleeper at night (I truly believe this is a direct answer to our prayers) but gas pain is still a problem and breastfeeding is hard. But God is good and has supplied the grace we needed and He will continue to be faithful!

After talking with Scott, we’ve decided not to publicly share photos of her. This is partly due to the scary randos on the internet and partly just due to the desire for privacy. This may change in the future, but for now I’ll just be sharing text updates or the occasional partial photo.

Scott has been an amazing help with Allie. Because he’s interning for the church for seminary credit, he’s had a lot of flexibility with his schedule and can work from home during the day. I’m so thankful for God’s grace in orchestrating that and for all the help Scott has been. Also, Scott has joined me in the blogging world! Much different content though! If you’re interested in theology check out his site at www.scottacope.com. A comment- even a question or something you disagree with- or just the page view would make his day! (Shh, don’t tell him I shared this with you!)

Finally, I feel the need to be honest with you all, as I feel it sets the tone for the entire blog. I want this blog to feel authentic- I never want to make it seem like I’m over-glamorizing my life or like I have it all together. Right now, I don’t have a ton of social media followers or a custom design layout or paid posts like a lot of fashion and lifestyle bloggers. Most of my readers are friends and family. And you know what? I’m learning to be okay with that. For a long time, I wanted to gain more followers and have a beautiful instagram feed and get free stuff from companies. But that’s just not a reality right now with the season of life I’m in, and it’s also not good for my soul. I still struggle with this, but through prayer and being honest with you all, I’m trying to fight that sin. So when do I a fashion post, please know I don’t dress like that all the time, I just like sharing my love for fashion and having the opportunity to enjoy putting together a cute outfit. And when I share a life update, I’ll often just share the highlights because they are exciting and worth celebrating, but there’s also a lot of sadness and family issues and the occasional emotional breakdown going on as well- because that’s just life. But I don’t want to live constantly analyzing every moment seeing how I can turn it into a pretty instagram photo or spending my workday distracted by what my blog post for the week will be.

Please feel free to email me at thissideofparadiseblog@gmail.com! I feel like the worst type of blogger is one who feels unapproachable or haughty. I want to be approachable and down-to-earth and would love to hear from you, whether it’s a question you have or just a hello, I came across your blog and really liked this post kind of thing. So thanks for reading, and giving me a chance to be honest!


PS. I wrote a devotional on Abigail for a faith-based blog and it debuted while I was on maternity leave. If you’re interested, check it out here! 


6 thoughts on “Where did fall go? Transitioning back into blogging

  1. I just saw this post for the first time and I truly love it. My husbands have talked about whether or not we would ever share our children through social media in the future and I completely understand and respect that decision – way to keep some things to yourself!! Also, AMEN AMEN AMEN. I cannot tell you how whole-heartedly I agree with your desire for authentic blogging. We can get so unrealistic and so off base, so keep it up! 🙂


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