Coffee Date

Grab a beverage of your choice (I love chai lattes, but I’m definitely enjoying them iced this summer!), pull up comfy armchair, and put on a fun Spotify playlist (my favorite bluegrass playlist here), because I’ve got a longgg overdue update to follow!


Scott graduated! I am so impressed by how he finished with a major in Philosophy, a double minor in Business and Naval Science, completed four years of ROTC, and stayed active in campus ministry and the local church- not to mention being married and commuting his final year! Scott’s brother and sister live in the area and were able to come to his graduation, and his parents and Aunt Joan drove down from Massachusetts. Scott also commissioned into the Navy earlier this month, so he is now officially an Ensign! He’ll be taking seminary classes from Southern Baptist Theological Seminary for the next 3 years to earn his Master’s of Divinity, serving as an assistant pastor at a church for two years, and then entering the Chaplain Corps. It’s a long road, but we are so thankful that the Lord answered our prayers to open this door! For the next nine months, Scott will be receiving seminary credit for interning at our local church – he just got the set of books he’ll be reading for the internship and is super stoked. I might read a few along with him! 

At the end of June, Scott and I boarded a plane for Boston to take a Cope family vacation on Cape Cod. Scott’s extended family vacationed on the Cape when he was young, and so it was fun for the family to get back together again. We stayed at a house on the border of Harwich and Chatham, and it was a nice walk or quick drive to the beach. There was also a lovely backyard, where we spent a lot of time playing yard games. The family favorite was Kan Jam (Scott would play for hours every day if he could!)

Scott and I took a day to ourselves and went to Chatham for a mini marriage retreat. We used a set of journals from Val Marie Paper and it was really encouraging to talk and pray about strengths, weaknesses, goals, and hopes for the future.


Quite possibly my favorite part of the Cape was the gorgeous hydrangeas everywhere! Hydrangeas were our wedding flowers, and I love them!



Much of the vacation was spent relaxing, which was a much-needed break from the busyness of DC! We found a cute little coffee shop in Harwichport one day and sat outside with our drinks to read Scripture.

cape-1 The house we stayed at- isn’t it charming? I love the traditional Cape Cod shingles!


On one of our last nights, we visited the Chatham Bars Inn – it’s gorgeous there!


The Sunday after we left the Cape, Scott preached at his home church on Luke 18. (You can check out the audio to his sermon here). He got to share with the congregation about his seminary studies and admission into the Navy Chaplain Candidacy Program, and it was a really encouraging time!

It was hard coming back to reality after a week and half in Massachusetts, but thankfully the following weekend was our anniversary! This was my parents’ gift to us- the flag that was flown over the US Capitol last year on July 11 in honor of our wedding- how awesome is that?!


Scott and I first met at Butler’s Orchard in Maryland at a joint campus ministry event, so we decided to celebrate our anniversary by going there for blackberry picking! It was incredibly hot, but so rewarding!

anniversary-2 anniversary-3 anniversary-4

In other exciting news, we had an ultrasound last week and got to see Allie! She was awake for this one, and it was so incredible to see her moving- especially when she opened her mouth and was swallowing! Thankfully, she is no longer in the 74th percentile for weight but the 29th- she just had a growth spurt early on and I’m so glad it seems like I’m not going to have a 10 pound baby! On Sunday, the church women threw me a baby shower and it was so sweet! I was really encouraged by the devotion that our pastor’s wife led. I know that parenting is going to be hard, but that is why the promise of Christ being magnified in our weakness is is so sweet!




That’s about all for now…we’re just sitting tight and waiting for Allie to make her debut!


7 thoughts on “Coffee Date

  1. Eek! So much goodness in one post! I love Cape style homes they are so cute, especially when they have hydrangeas surrounding them! Congratulations on everything lately – To Scott graduating and to the baby news!! I hope your week is just as good as vacation was!

    Sara Kate Styling


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