Friday Roundup


Happy Friday everyone! Here are some of my favorite links from around the web:

1.Feminine + Rustic wedding– I love her dress!


2. An easy hair trick– I recently picked up a set of these clips from H&M so I’m eager to see if this works!


3. Fruit infused water recipes – lately I’ve been making strawberry and mint water, but I would love to try some of these other ideas!


4. Homemade taco seasoning– I made this seasoning for chicken tacos this week and it was really good! After watching the documentary Fed Up on Netflix and reading this article by my favorite Pilates instructor, I’ve been trying to read labels and choose foods with less additives.


5. An adorable sibling birthday party – I love the decor!


6. I want to eat this cake right now. Peanut butter + chocolate is my favorite combo!


7. Prenatal pilates workouts – I love Robin Long’s free pilates series, and was so excited when she came out with a prenatal one this summer!


Have a lovely weekend!


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