Baby Shower for Allie


Recently my college friends threw a baby shower for me. I absolutely loved it, and a huge thanks to my sorority Gbig Lauren and best friend Emily for planning it, as well as my college roommate Jenn for being amazing with the food!


Can we talk about how cute the decor is? I love pink and green and wore my Lilly for Target dress (read about how I snagged it here) to go with the decor. The food was themed around popular children’s books, and it seemed everywhere I turned there was a fun detail: a candy bar, cupcake floral bunches, a “pregatini” bar, and beautiful flowers.

baby-shower-3 baby-shower-5 baby-shower-6 baby-shower-7 baby-shower-8
baby-shower-10 baby-shower-11 baby-shower-12 IMG_6958


We played several games: Guess the person based on their baby photo, try to “break your water” by getting your plastic baby in ice to melt first, and identify the baby food by its taste (this last one made for some fun pictures!)

baby-shower-15 baby-shower-16 baby-shower-17 baby-shower-18

My mom came up for the shower and my sister-in-law who lives in DC also came. It was really great having family there! I got such sweet gifts, and I’m sure I will put them all to good use once Allie arrives in about a month!


baby-shower-21 baby-shower-22 baby-shower-23 baby-shower-25 baby-shower-26 baby-shower-26 baby-shower-27


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