Two New Series!


I’m excited to announce two new blog series coming to This Side of Paradise this fall!

  1. Cooking with Kate: This will be a motivation for me to actually start using all those wonderful cookbooks I received as wedding gifts. I normally use the Internet, specifically Pinterest, for recipes. Though I love Pinterest, which leads me to series #2…
  2.  Pinterest Inspired: Okay, who else is guilty of pinning a ton of things they never actually go back and do? Time to stop pinning and actually start making! I’m hoping to try a variety of things, from DIY to fashion to home decor. And yes, I promise I will share any “pinstrosities” if they occur so you know which projects to avoid as well as which ones are awesome!

Also, if you haven’t taken the blog survey yet, you can do so here. I would really appreciate it, and you can suggest more series you would love to see on the blog! Huge thank you to those who have taken it – I really value your feedback!


6 thoughts on “Two New Series!

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