How to Win Giveaways + Enter to Win a Necklace!


One of my secret talents? Winning giveaways.

Over the past year and a half I’ve won at least 8 giveaways. I’m not talking HGTV Dream Home or international travel contests (I wish!), but rather blog giveaways full of fun prizes like accessories, books, nail polish, and stationery.

Here are my tricks for doing it- AND I have a giveaway at the end of this post, so be sure enter! I’ll be featuring more contests in the coming weeks here on the blog, so make sure you’re subscribed via email or Bloglovin to stay in the loop!

1. Enter often. Seriously, just do it. My friends and family ask me how I win so many contests, and I tell them it’s because I enter a lot! I find out about them through Instagram and Bloglovin. (If you’re not familiar with Bloglovin, it’s a really convenient way to read your blog feed without posts clogging up your inbox! Follow me here.) Usually all you have to do to enter is follow a few Instagram accounts and post a blog comment- 2 minutes and done!

2. Know your limits. At first, I was committed to doing whatever it took to enter contests, even if that meant following 50 accounts on Pinterest, Instagram, and Twitter. Then I would go unfollow all those people after the giveaway was over, and spend most of my time in between frustrated that they were crowding my feed. Now, I only follow people I’m genuinely interested in for the large group giveaways. For the smaller giveaways, I do follow all the accounts, but will not tag friends on Instagram or post anything to Twitter- that’s just not my style.

3. Know your odds. I rarely enter large group giveaways with tens of thousands of entries anymore- it’s just not worth it. Instead, I focus on smaller Instagram and blog giveaways that have 50 or less entries- and I’ve had great success!

4. Be persistent. It’s probably going to take entering a lot of contests over a good amount of time, but sooner or later you will win something- and that is the perfect incentive to continue to enter more contests!


Now, want to put these tips into practice? Enter to win this red, white, and blue necklace from Monday Dress! Just go to the rafflecopter giveaway here!


7 thoughts on “How to Win Giveaways + Enter to Win a Necklace!

  1. I used to never enter giveaways because I felt I would never win. Then I realized I have a much better shot to win if I enter, and it only takes 2 seconds 🙂 I just won an awesome giveaway last week! haha Proof you have to play to win! Great tips 🙂


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