One Year Anniversary Part 1: Our Engagement Story

IMG_0564final edit(2)

As our one-year engagement is coming up this Saturday, I thought I’d share some of the memories from our engagement and wedding day!

Here’s my retelling of December 7, 2013:

I went to hang out at my friend Amber’s apartment at GWU, the college she and Scott both attended. When I walked in, she was painting her nails, and I thought it was such a pretty color I asked if I could use some. Little did I know this was part of a master plan to make sure my nails were done for the engagement! We talked for a while (we were supposed to go to a craft fair but it turns out it was the previous weekend and we had missed it). Scott and I were supposed to go to the Zoo Lights at the National Zoo, and his friend Paul was coming over to Amber’s because she was having some of friends over that night. Scott and Paul come over to the apartment and Scott starts worrying because he lost his watch. He and Paul have a back and forth for a while and they think Scott left it at the Lincoln Memorial when they went for a run there earlier. I’m not suspicious at all, because Scott misplaces his watch all.the.time. So Scott and I head out to look for the watch really quickly before going to Zoo Lights. We walk by some of the monuments we saw on our first date, and get to the Lincoln and start to look around. At this point, I start to get suspicious because Scott is looking all over for the watch but not really in depth, just kind of glancing all over the place. When we get to the top of the steps, he says, “Okay, you look for it on the left and I’ll go right and we’ll meet in the back.” I start really freaking out because we went to the back of the Lincoln on our first date, and it would be the perfect place to propose. I start walking slowly, somewhat in a daze and then realize maybe I should be looking for the watch. I convince myself that I’m psyching myself out and  don’t want to be disappointed if he’s not proposing (he had me convinced he was going to his family jeweler over Christmas break and it would be sometime after we got back). When I reach the back of the Lincoln, he’s not on one knee, just kind of looking around. So we talk for a while, just kind of admiring the view.


I don’t remember the transition or really what he said, because I was freaking out too much. But he got down on one knee and (he told me later) said a few things and ended with, I want to marry you, will you marry me? I think I wasn’t really paying attention to what he was saying because he opened the box upside down! I was deliberating whether or not to tell him for fear the ring would fall out, but I decided not to ruin the moment and stay silent. I said yes to the proposal (of course!), and he got up and realized the box was upside down and we had a good laugh. We stood in the cold embracing for a minute admiring the view, and I wished I could have had my friends nearby to share the moment with them. Then the sweetest thing happened- a bunch of our friends jumped out on the grass below and started cheering. They had been hiding in the bushes taking photos and a video. We took pictures at the Lincoln for a bit but it was so cold we headed back to Amber‘s apartment where our friends threw us an engagement party! 

IMG_9683jpg IMG_9693jpg IMG_9709jpg IMG_9715jpg IMG_9808jpg
photo 2

My best friend Emily, who is a fantastic photographer (just look at my fashion blog photos!) graciously took our engagement photos for free as a wedding present. We were even featured on a DC wedding site, United with Love! I love how they turned out- below are a few of my favorites.

0277 bridge edited 362edited IMG_0372edited
434edit 478edit
535edit IMG_0555edited IMG_0597final edit(2) IMG_0709final edit

I’ll be sharing our wedding story on Saturday, our anniversary!


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