Stitch Fix Review


Have you heard of Stitchfix? I don’t think it’s a Christian company, but for some reason it seems like every Christian blogger and podcaster seems to be obsessed with it! I decided to try it and see what all the excitement was about. Luckily for me, they do maternity styling and petites! You fill out a style profile online with a quiz, short question and answer, and can even link your Pinterest fashion page (view my page here for an idea of my “ideal” style).Β Each box comes with 5 clothing or jewelry items specially chosen for you that you can either keep or return.

Sadly, I wasn’t a huge fan of what they sent.Β I had high hopes, but I think the maternity feature is relatively new, so perhaps that’s why many of my pieces didn’t seem to match my style profile. Also, all the clothes were so expensive! The cheapest thing was a tank…for $48. I was hoping to buy a shirt or dress and spend around $35, but that just wasn’t an option.


This dress was definitely my favorite that they sent, but it was a little clingy and so it wouldn’t work much longer for my pregnancy, and at the price ($75!), it was just too much. The quality felt like something I could get at Old Navy or Target, so I didn’t think it was worth splurging on.


This tunic was a pretty color, but not my style.


I think the leggings were supposed to go with the tunic, but they were way too long (not petite), and I’m not a fan of wearing leggings in public.


The cardigan on the left was chosen because it fit my “preppy style”. I did like it, but it was $58 and not that special in my opinion. The tank on the right was super cute and fun, but it did not look good at all with my pregnancy bump!


The box came with this styling card, which showed outfit suggestions for each piece- definitely a nice touch.


Overall, I was disappointed that I didn’t find anything that worked. At least I got an outfit shoot out of it! I think Stitchfix isΒ a fun idea, and would probably be great if you didn’t mind spending more money for clothing items.






IMG_6403Dress- Stitchfix // Shoes- Target // Earrings- Boutique in Hawaii // Bracelet- Target // Bag- Purchased in Italy // Nails- Julep


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    • Thanks so much for your sweet words Emma! Love your blog (and your gorgeous Lilly dress on your home page!) Would love to see your blog on Bloglovin so I can follow along! πŸ™‚


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