Friday Roundup: Links I Love

fridayroundup Many of the blogs I read have a “Friday Five” or “Weekend Roundup” type of thing where they post links they’ve found interesting from around the internet. I’m still not sure how I feel about it, but I thought it would be fun to feature! Regular post on the blog? Maybe, maybe not. What are your all’s thoughts? Here are some of my favorite links:

1. Micellar water for face wash micellarwater 2. Encouragement for anyone suffering with migraines, anxiety, or depression DR-CandiceHackett 3. A devo from She Reads Truth on self-control SRT_selfcontrol 4. This new Lilly print lillyprint 5. These freezer sandwiches– I’ve been making them with turkey sausage and Scott and I love them! freezersand 6. A much better graduation speech than any I’ve heard ( you know the, “follow your dreams” type) Road 7. The happiest countries in the world (why do they have to be so cold??)


8. This WSJ article on J.Crew’s slump as of late  


9. A Glitter Guide interview with a wedding planning duo– talk about dream job!

GG_goinglovely10. This personality quiz and chart with strengths and weaknesses. Similar to Meyers-Briggs (any other ISFJs out there?) For this one, I am such a golden retriever!


(Image via Pinterest)


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