Bump Style: Rose Garden at Twilight


Dress- Kohl’s // Sandals- Target (similar here) // Nail Polish- Essie // Tote- Sole Society // Necklace- Modcloth // Studs- H&M


Wanna know a secret? This dress is technically a nightgown…but basically in name only. My mom gave me money to buy a pregnancy nightgown, and I picked this one out from Kohl’s. I was absolutely thrilled when it came in and it was just like dress! Whether I’m wearing it as a nightgown or as a dress, it is so comfy and definitely one of my favorite maternity pieces.



I love this necklace, and I recently re-discovered it in my closet the other day. Working as a nanny and having a much more limited (pregnant) wardrobe, I haven’t been reaching for my statement jewelry- just going with my good old pearl earring standbys. I had forgotten how many pretty necklaces I have, and no matter how far along I am, they still fit! I’m looking forward to incorporating more accessories into my maternity wardrobe to make it more stylish.




This tote bag is my absolute favorite. Reversible leather totes have become incredibly popular with a variety of stores selling them, but the most affordable one I’ve found is from Sole Society. I love how it’s a catch-all, Mary Poppins-type bag and works for casual occasions as well as functioning as a work bag.

rosegarden13   rosegarden7

I start third trimester next week, which is crazy! I feel like second trimester flew by (while first trimester seemed to drag on). While I’m not looking forward to feeling huge and more frequent backaches, I am excited about getting closer to meeting Allie!


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