When the iPhone transferred podcasts from the regular iTunes app to the Podcasts app, I barely used it. It was great for the occasional sermon when I had missed church or wanted to listen to another pastor, but I never explored podcasts beyond that. Last fall, several of my friends couldn’t stop talking about how funny the Relevant Podcast was, so I was surprised to hear that people regularly listened to podcasts. As I’ve learned over the past few weeks, it’s actually a big thing! (Side note: my friends no longer listen to the Relevant Podcast because the bad theology has outweighed the funny conversations. So sad.) I feel like podcasts have been becoming increasingly more common, especially with the popularity of Serial.

Podcasts are so great because you can listen to them anywhere (I’ve been listening in the car, while doing dishes, in the shower, etc) and they’re free!

Here are my favorite podcasts. You can search for them in the Apple Podcasts app or follow the link to find them online.

1. Del Ray Baptist Church– This is my home church’s podcast, where all our sermons are uploaded. If I miss a week due to serving in the nursery or vacation, or I just want to re-listen to a particularly good sermon, I can find them all here. I love Garrett’s teaching, and found his recent sermon series on 2 Peter very helpful- definitely check it out!

2. Revive Our Hearts– A woman from church recommended this podcast and I have really enjoyed it. Nancy Leigh DeMoss (a Christian author and speaker) just went though a Titus 2 series focusing on the traits of godly women. Very helpful and convicting, especially the self-control episode!

3. The Influence Network– This is a podcast produced by an online community of Christian creatives. I love hearing from women like Lara Casey (founder of Southern Weddings) and Crystal Stine (editor of (in)courage) on everything from practical tips on marketing your brand to living out gospel grace.

I’ve been browsing the podcast app and there’s many more I want to try! I’m eyeing Smart Women, Smart Power by CSIS (I’m afraid to tell people I was an International Studies major in college because I have not kept up with it at all!), The Briefing by Al Mohler (I get his email summaries in the morning but sometimes it might be good to go more in depth), and Graphic Design Crash Course (My first graphic in Photoshop ever is the one above! Haha not so fancy I know, but I want to get better!)

Do you listen to podcasts? Which ones would you recommend?


8 thoughts on “Podcasting

  1. Great Idea to share your favorites! I love the Influence Network too! I also like Hope*ologie, Focus on the Family, That Sounds Fun with Annie Downs & Coffee with Chris Caine. “How they Blog” is a great one too for all things blog advice 🙂


  2. I really like Andy Stanley’s Leadership Podcasts. Sometimes when I need to stretch my legs in the middle of a work day I will go for a fifteen to twenty minute walk with a headset and listen to one of Andy’s very relevant and pragmatic thoughts on leadership. I hope to soon be reading two of his books: Next Generation Leader and Visioneering. Thanks for the tips on the Podcast you like Kate. I’ll be sure to check them out.


  3. I love The Moth podcast. At The Moth events, people stand in front of a crowd without notes and tell a pre-approved story from their life. Some stories are deeply touching, some are funny, and others make you contemplate your own life.


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