Valentine’s Day Crafting Dinner

On Saturday, I had some friends over for a Valentine’s Day dinner and crafting party. We had a 3-course homemade dinner and made chai candles. It was really fun just getting together with the girls and catching up on life.

Here are some of the highlights from the evening:

_MG_5416 _MG_5422 _MG_5433 _MG_5439 _MG_5443 _MG_5446 _MG_5448 _MG_5451 _MG_5457 _MG_5477 _MG_5480 _MG_5482 _MG_5485 _MG_5517 _MG_5521 _MG_5523 _MG_5548 _MG_5549 _MG_5550 _MG_5573 _MG_5585

Also, to anyone wondering what happened to my Valentine’s Day fashion post, yes, it is no longer on the blog. No, that was not intentional. I was trying to add a shopping widget and accidentally deleted it #oops. So there went all my considerations of switching from to…I’ll stick with the pre-coded template, thank you very much.


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