J.Crew in the Wintertime

Sorry for the radio silence lately- my computer crashed and I had to take it to the Apple store to completely reset the entire system. Thank goodness I had everything backed up on a hard drive. Seriously, if you don’t have an external hard drive for your laptop, get one! Apple time machine syncs everything so you don’t have to do a thing, and it saves a lot of heartache in case anything happens.

But now on to more interesting things…

It’s been a bit snowy in DC, but nothing like in the Northeast. These pictures were taken on a day when we had a considerable amount of snow (pitiful, I know). I’m not a huge fan of winter, and often winter fashion is boring and chunky and not very colorful. One of my favorite things to do is take a fall outfit and add tight and boots to style it for the winter. I got this top and skirt from J.Crew Factory as a Christmas gift from my parents. I love buying new clothes you can wear together, because it’s so much more fun to have an entire new outfit!

_MG_5355 _MG_5366 _MG_5368

The top has a jeweled neckline which is basically like a built in necklace, so I paired it with matching studs and a bracelet. I think pattern play is really fun, so I added a plaid scarf with the striped shirt that picks up on the green of the skirt.

_MG_5370 _MG_5372 _MG_5378

Top, Skirt, and Bracelet- J.Crew

Belt and Tights- Target

Earrings- Brighton

Boot Socks- H&M

Boots and Gloves- Nordstrom

Coat and Scarf- Lands End

_MG_5391 _MG_5393 another


17 thoughts on “J.Crew in the Wintertime

  1. Love this look, so cute! Love your scarf and that J. Crew top – the jewels on the shirt mean you don’t have to find a necklace!
    xx, Mikkaela


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