Portland, Maine

Over Christmas break Scott and I drove up to stay with his family outside Boston. We would be in New England for nearly a week, and so we planned an overnight trip to Maine.


We stayed in the charming town of Kennebunk, Maine, with its sister city Kennebunkport a 5 minute drive away. You may have heard of Kennebunkport as being the location of the Bush’s summer home, which we got to drive by and let me tell you, it was pretty nice. Our hotel was absolutely adorable and we got an amazing price since it’s the off-season.

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The night we arrived we went out for a seafood dinner at an island restaurant, Pier 77. I was craving salmon, so I ordered a seafood medley dish that also included jumbo shrimp and scallops (pronounced scawl-ups in the Northeast, apparently!), while Scott opted for one of his favorites, fried clams. It was our first date night in a while and it was really fun dressing up and going out to eat in a new place.


We drove up to Portland the next morning, which was only half an hour away. Despite being the middle of winter in Maine, the weather was thankfully in the mid-40s so that made walking around much more bearable. We started in the Port District and walked around, popping in some cute shops and had coffee.

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I got some DIY inspiration at one of the home goods stores, and hopefully I’ll be able to show the result on the blog soon!

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Lunch was quite possibly my favorite part. I love ramen (and I’m not talking about the neon 69 cent kind but the authentic Japanese dish. Yes, the gross stuff is based off an actual dish). I was thrilled to find a ramen restaurant in Portland. Mine was absolutely delicious, while Scott’s was so-so (he knows to go with shoyu next time!)

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After our trip, we headed back to Scott’s family’s house for one last night in Massachusetts.


And to conclude, I’ll leave you with some pictures of their cat Muffin- how adorable is she?!

IMG_3034 IMG_3160


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