Rocksbox Review & Free Jewelry!


When I saw my favorite blogger post about getting free jewelry for a month, I knew I wanted in. Rocksbox is a new subscription service for jewelry, similar to Birchbox or Rent the Runway. They send you a box filled with three pieces of designer jewelry- I received a necklace, bracelet, and earrings in each set. If you really like a piece, you can buy it from them for a discounted price. After the free trial, it’s $19 a month and you can send back for another set of jewelry as often as you like with free shipping. If you decide it’s not for you, can can cancel after the trial period.

My thoughts? Definitely worth the free month! I have gotten so many compliments on jewelry I never would have been able to buy myself. I love how personalized everything is – the set comes in a bow-tied box containing a note with your name, and you can give feedback on each piece to help the stylists choose the jewelry that will go in your next box.

 rocksbox9 rocksbox10rocksbox8

The first box was way too punk rock for me, though I wore the earrings by putting them in backwards to avoid them being double studs. I know a lot of bloggers like this trend, especially with pearl earrings, but it is definitely not my style! The necklace was great- simple and stylish, and I liked the bracelet as well.

The second box was definitely more my style. The statement necklace was very large and I’m not sure I would have chosen it for myself, but it was fun! (That’s the great thing about renting jewelry- you can try out new styles you wouldn’t buy yourself!) I got lots of compliments on it. And the bracelet – I wore it pretty much every day for a week straight. I asked for a Loren Hope piece on my first feedback and they gave me one! Props to you, Rocksbox. IF I had the money, I would definitely buy this bracelet- it goes with nearly everything! The earrings in this set were pretty, but not my style, so I didn’t wear them. I paired the bracelet and necklace with simple cz studs. I’m looking forward to seeing Rocksbox grow, and hopefully adding some less expensive options – maybe $10 for once piece and $15 for two?

Want to try Rocksbox for yourself for free? Sign up below and enjoy a free month of jewelry!



Dress & Jacket- LOFT

Shoes- Payless

Earrings- Macy’s

Bracelet- Loren Hope, via Rocksbox

Necklace- Urban Gem, via Rocksbox

rocsbox 6

I may have had some fun with the wall by our apartment….




Happy fall!


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