Adventures in Shenandoah

camping_weekend_kinfolkThis was my inspiration picture for our camping trip last weekend. I imagined the weekend as crisp and cool in the mornings with sunny afternoons filled with hiking and lots of profile-worthy pictures. Reality was, it was freezing cold and raining and I came down with a horrible cold the first night. Not exactly as I pictured, but it was still SO worth it. Why? Because I was surrounded by three of my best friends, and we got to have some unexpected adventures (like visiting a giant cave) and long talks about Jesus (Sunday morning Emily led a devo on humility that was ON. POINT.)

Inspired by last weekend, here’s my list of camping essentials:

1) Eno hammock // Every hipster and REI denizen knows this is a staple. I have a doublenest that I bought Scott for his birthday, and we have enjoyed quite a few evenings in it reading waterfront near our apartment.

2) Plaid // If you didn’t wear plaid (especially of the flannel variety), it wasn’t real camping. Nuff said.

3) Comfy blanket // If it’s in the 40s or below, and your cabin has a space heater the size of a small dog, you will definitely want an extra layer.  A down comforter may not be the most space-efficient and you can still stay cozy and warm with a cute throw (or two).

4) Infinity Scarves // These are so great at keeping you warm during outdoor activities, and a chunky knit in a neutral goes with nearly every outfit.

5) Cards // If it rains, this is the perfectly sized go-to for games. There are an infinite amount of options (we played Kemps and ERS, my personal favorite).

6) Chapstick // Because undoubtedly your lips will get dry from the mountain air and there is no CVS within a 5 minute drive. And because using lotion as a chapstick substitute just doesn’t cut it sometimes.

Below are some highlights from our weekend:

Our cozy Koa cabin
  The gang, aka #JOKE, in order
How beautiful is this vineyard we visited?!
Pics from Emily’s lovely camera!

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